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HK. The Fiery Portrait of a Daughter. Or The Love Life of a Swinging Chelsea Girl.

What's the meanest word when referring to human destiny? Dead end? Commitment? One way road? Compromise? Give up? Surrender? She breathed in heavily trying unsuccessfully to meditate. She couldn't stop thinking. She wouldn't stop feeling... And she was too sensitive for her... Continue Reading →


Love Yourself First, Leave Out All The Rest.

One of the oldest piece of advice is "Don't waste your feelings". Or if you must waste them on somebody, let that somebody be you. You truly learn how to live when you start loving yourself more than anything else... Continue Reading →

HOW TO RAGE : 101 – The Guide To Live It Out Loud In Your First Music Festival

When I first heard about Los Almiros Rock Festival, I instantly felt my indie soul all fired up and ready to go. If Glastonbury is my ultimate dream, then that festival had to be one step closer to that dream.... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Retro Fashion Of The Swinging Sixties !!!

Having defined myself as a swinging Chelsea girl, it goes without saying that I love everything about the sixties. The music, the lifestyle, the stardom, the attitude and of course…the fashion!!! I mean miniskirts came along! Tight clothes, heavy makeup... Continue Reading →

Everything That I’ve Come To Expect. Friendship, Loneliness and All the Space Between…

“You don’t know what is like to listen to your fears” sang the Beatles in their classic hit “Hey Bulldog”, lyrics stuck into my head these past few weeks. My biggest fear has always been loneliness. And now I’m facing... Continue Reading →

How to Visit Paris as if You Don’t Give a Damn. The Cool Guide to Go French Yourself.

1# On the airport make sure to grab every map they offer for free. You can use it later to impress fashionable middle-aged good-looking Italians. 2# Choose to land at Charles de Gaulle airport. You will spend tons of money... Continue Reading →

The Addiction Of Taking Risks

A few days ago I took part in an induction of new members for a global non-state organization. The previous day had been such a crappy one. It had been my name day and also the day I had a... Continue Reading →

The Things I Gained After I’d Lost You

We all have a certain idea about heartbreak. For me the strongest heartbreak memory has been the one I experienced 3 years ago when I lost myself after inexplicably losing the guy I had madly fallen for. It lasted several... Continue Reading →

GK. The Fiery Portrait of a Father.

George Flame would not sleep. He kept twisting nervously and impatiently in his very expensive white satin sheets. He was looking at the silver screen of his white cell phone, then at the golden chandelier with the incorporated fan to... Continue Reading →

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