Having defined myself as a swinging Chelsea girl, it goes without saying that I love everything about the sixties. The music, the lifestyle, the stardom, the attitude and of course…the fashion!!!

I mean miniskirts came along! Tight clothes, heavy makeup and amazing hairdos for both men and women- I am talking about bangs of course. Bell-bottoms, fake furs, overalls, big hats…


So many movements: mods, hippies, brits, rockers, swingers, teddy boys, psychedelics, new dandies, bohemians…! And all these under the swinging attitude: “we are young, charming, ambitious, talented, super-stylish and above all rebels because we don’t give a damn.”

These past decades of the 20th century were all about bold statements. Especially the magnificent swinging sixties! That’s why we cannot stop referencing them.

However, after the new millennium we’ve entered and since been living the ‘The Age of The Understatement’… (Last Shadow Puppets reference totally intended, because if somebody’s bringing retro and sexy back it’s got to be them!). Everything is mixed up and a chaos has been created. But not a good chaos; nothing stands out. No year or decade is special. No statement is bold enough.

And there’s affection to rent, the age of the understatement, before this attraction ferments, kiss me properly and pull me apart…


Why are we so fascinated about the past and feel unable to appreciate the now and make it cooler than yesterday?

I believe it shouldn’t be this way; just recycling meaninglessly what we have already seen. Because now we’ve got all this inspiration and knowledge from the past decades, which we should use for our benefit; to make something new. We can create something much more powerful and DARING. There are no more limits. We can mix, match, invent and re-invent ANYTHING we want! With a slight change, because now we do care about what’s going on in the world and we should give a damn. We should put our soul, not indifference, into everything we do. We should start from a complete change of our mentality. We should create awe and a positive chaos. A REVOLUTION.


And I believe it will happen, because stylish people are dying for a change. The other day I was at a fabulous masquerade party! I was out for some air when a lovely stranger spilled the remaining of my beer all around my butt. We started talking and he said to me: “I wanted to tell you that your fake fur and your bell-bottoms upgrade the aesthetics of the whole town!”I was thinking the same thing about your turban!” I replied. We kissed goodnight and promised each other to meet again someday at a more fashionable place of the world!!!

Every moment is precious and a good excuse for feeling fabulous, confident and stylish!


My father was born in 1956 in a small village in Northern Greece. He escaped his traditional rural background and became a swinger and a rocker developing a remarkable taste in fashion, music and lifestyle. He left home when he was 18 and started to rock and roll. He studied design an area he had amazing talent in. He could elaborate on Jimi Hedrix’s virtuosity although he never learnt to play any musical instrument. He could appreciate John Lennon’s wit and song-writing while he didn’t even speak English. He proved that taste and style is not something you imitate; it is a state of mind, a way of living and a matter of strong personality and self-confidence.

The swinging sixties were an explosion. After that anything became possible. The doors to freedom have been wide open since then. You can do whatever you want to, or at least you dare to give it a shot. We can dress up, express ourselves, have fun, live the moment, explore the world, reject societal norms, mock parental advice, experience sexual liberation and cultural elevation, see absolute freedom as our given and undeniable right.

We can grab the chance to change the world only because we are young and cool; the chance to create a new fairer and more beautiful world. Let’s open our eyes to this world and even see beyond that. Let’s make our every moment count. Let’s make our life fun, passionate and meaningful!

You say you want a revolution…Well, you know we all want to change the world… You better free your mind instead…Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right all right all right…..

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