She was a little crazy, a little odd, a little tough, a little broken

He was a little twisted, a little rough, a little deranged, a little broken

He could never admit he loved her and she could never admit she needed him.

They were together without even realizing it.

They hid it. They couldn’t admit it.

They did not define things between them.

But they were together, the two of them, almost every single day.

They were different, but enjoyed to jump into each other’s world.

She was helping him endure and feel again.

He was her tears and her smile. He loved her smile.

They became each other’s world.

But these relationships are dangerous. They don’t last.

She made up her mind and left him.

He was devastated. Her heart was torn apart.

There was no mending.

He wanted her to come back, but couldn’t ask her to.

She wanted him to come after her, but she knew he wouldn’t.

If only he had the courage to ask her to run away with him.

To be together for real.

Just the two of them, against the whole world.

Alone, in a car, travelling non-stop. Destination undefined. Making love all the time.

Being deeply in love.

A love that cannot be described with words. Something more than wild. Something more than passionate.


Just the two of them. Together.

Just he and she.

The reflection of one another.

The love of one another.

The whole world of one another.

They wouldn’t need anything else.

Life shared is a life lived. They would be alive.